Friday, April 15, 2005

Can we expect rich editors for 61131-3 using XML schemas

plcopen TC6 XML- schemas are ready. More or less everyone follows XML schemas now.
Isagraf claims XML usage in their new release 4.5 .

One definite advantage of using XML schemas for 61131-3 representation is seamless integration of all five languages. Also better export and import features.

Ofcourse there are some other advantages also. But most of them cant make a new impression to users (control programmers). These representation remain at back end.

I feel neutral characteristic of XML can also be capitalized here. In today's world most of the configurators generate target independent code and launch virtual machines on target to make up control application.

I guess now the need comes to build platform independent configurators. Also ability to view control programs over web using the power of XML and style sheets. Probably browsers can be used to monitor online , modify/force variables and to do minor modifications if schema permits.

can we expect rich editors for 61131-3 using these XML schemas...!!!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Ethernet TCP/IP as control/neutral network

I was going through March edition of InTech. Articles Wide terrain in LAN by Kevin and Roland & Dream come true or nightmare? by William have potential scope for discussion.

I guess , in instrumentation and Automation world , hunt for a better network never stops. We try to have a network that is reliable , redundant , light (minimum message overhead), neutral , open , fast , cheap etc..etc.. Recommendations and restrictions are there for every cause like interference , collision , optimised routing , quick recovery , open , security etc.. Industry developed so many proprietary networks and applications by spending expensive resources. But when trend started to make things on open standards , Ethernet TCP/IP stood as best option. On the other hand field bus technologies like Profibus , FF etc and neutral applications like OPC cropped up. Later on to bring field buses onto plant network TCP/IP extensions demanded MODBUS over TCP/IP , PROFINET , HSE Ethernet/IP etc.. At some other corner a new dish by name wireless is getting prepared.

so the result is industrial networks are on IEEE x802.xx race... RACE is ON , who is going to Win?

Are there any blogs on Industrial Automation

I tried to search for blogs about industrial automation experiences and knowledge sharing.
Somehow they are not very lively. Some one started a few but discontinued.

I have spent seven years of my professional life in this domain and still continuing with this.
Felt like starting one another with the only intention to keep it live as long as I can.

here i am ...