Thursday, April 19, 2007

HYSEA Technology Day

Today I attended HYSEA Technology Day event. Just thought of sharing few things from this event.

Chief Guest: Dr.Jayaprakash Narayan of LOKSatta

He expressed his concern about unfulfilled potential and avoidable suffering persisting in great measure in our county. Few other areas that he illustrated are

  • to make technology reach the needed. He said that many people doesn't even know a tool like email exits, even if they know they dont understand the potential value that it can bring to individual's needs. He said that email concept helped him bringing a Govt. policy about contestants with grievous criminal background during 1996

  • He talked about how technology is being underutilised by television media. He said that we tend to hear more about wins and loses rather than problems and solutions.

  • then he spoke about how attitude of bureaucrats hinder good proposals. Basically any long term proposal is approved only when substantial growth is esured by next general elections. He also stressed that Tomorrow will always be better than today, even if no new initiatives are taken by political establishments. Initiatives where the result is dicy and just to make things better than today are of no use in this fast moving times

Apart from this he stressed about few fundamental problems that country is facing today.

  1. Health Care

  2. Urban Transport

  3. Alternative energy systems using Bio waste.

In this regard he appealed to technologists to go behind problems rather waiting for problems to come to them as projects and use cases.

Key Note was presented by Sudin Apt from Forrester Research

He presented on Technology and OutSourcing Trends. He tried to sketch out Fourth Wave Computing trends as following

  1. Digital Business Architecture

  2. Extended Internet and Executable Internet

  3. Innovation Networks

He said that the business objective with which an innovation is made, need to pass through Initiators, Transformers,Financiers and Brokers. He emphasised on perfect harmony among these stages to bring out the best. Talking about Innovation networks, he said a person within four walls of a company or and R&D department of an organiation can't alone solve the complex problems faced by this generation. Innovation networks need to co-operate well to bring out best of customer.Then he spoke about social computing. In this regard he said that customers trust in institutions is failing. Cosumers are becoming less loyal. Then he spoke about how Jack Welch applied Diamond model instead of BowTie model to set right aircraft business.

Then he analysed indutry trends during last year. His version is top three companies TCS, Infosys and Wipro together increasing their share quarter after quarter while new million doller babies like HCL, Satyam etc. and other small size players are losing on pie section. He described this phenomenon as polarisation which he thinks is not good for industry growth. He says that smaller companies cant end up taking what ever comes in their way for long time. They might do this while building up, but cant afford to do this forever. If they dont concentrate on focus areas they may not have many options for sustainable growth after some time.

Venky Chennepragada of Keane spoke about Information Architecture & Rich Internet Applications

He stressed on gaining emotional bonding with customer. In his opinion an SOW/RFP are tough ones which need to pass through legal barriers. Rather he emphasizes on Addendums on existing contracts. He says many end users doesn't understand use cases. Thus asking them to review your use cases for reaching common consensus is not always a good idea. He says that UX design teams need to work closely with BU's, end user and architects to come up with UI applications that can bring emotional bonding. Information Architects, Visual Designers and web Developers need to work closesly to bring out good UX applications.

Anuraag Agrawal (Motorola) about User Experience on Mobile Devices

Anuraag's presentation was like a fiction novel. He was talking about the magic that mobile devices are going to do in furture. His ideas revolved around

  1. voice as input

  2. usage pattern recongnition

  3. identification of gesture

As such trends are quite exciting. Hope coming years will bring more of intelligence by means of gadgets in life style..